Blues with no green smoothieAre you feeling low in the morning, waking up tired, fatigued, maybe even stressed out about everything you have to accomplish during the day?

Or worse, do you feel depressed?  In an article I read a couple of months ago, they talked about morning depression. It turns out that many thousands of people are suffering from this condition.

You wake up in the morning, with no energy, feeling low or even irritated. Maybe even a nervous energy of anxiety tumbling around in your chest.

You wake up with unexplained sadness in the morning, having a real struggle to get going, finding motivation to get things done.

Well, you don’t have to feel this way! With the right healthy morning smoothie in your hands, you will feel excited and eager to get going with your day. Does this sound unlikely?

No it’s not. Because science has shown that there’s actually a direct link to how you feel and the things you eat. Nutrition has a huge part in your mood levels.

And there are ways to do an easy mixed, good tasting drink for yourself, that will get you going with you day and your life in no time.

Jeffrey Sampson’s power smoothies are filled with all those ingredients and nutrients; they will literally boost your happiness levels.

With ingredients easy to find in you local food store…

So, tired of feeling tired? Check this short video out and learn how to make delicious healthy morning smoothies:

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