Feel born again with a green smoothieIf you haven’t discovered this powerful green smoothie recipe, that’s a sure fired way to boost your energy levels and a feeling of happiness, you must take a look at this right now.

Each ingredient here targets your brain in different ways, to affect your well being, mood and energy. It sounds almost too easy to be true, but it’s not!

Think about it, what if you could feel more motivation in life, be happier and not feel as stressed as usual. Yes, you would be thrilled, right? So what does the best green smoothie contain?


You need to hear Jeffrey Sampson’s story. He was really down in the dumps mentally, as he stated himself; he was the king of negativity, stress and gloom… And he couldn’t get his head wrapped around it. Why was his mind always turning in a negative direction?

After an incredible journey of bad circumstances, he found one simple small thing that changed his life. A simple green smoothie with spinach, avocado, mango and the SUPERFOOD ingredient that you probably have in you cabinet.

It truly turned his life around (all of you that have had green smoothies daily for a while knows how it feels. Ramp that up with one hundred!). He felt energized, happy, clear minded. Like a totally new person.

Jeffrey developed the Green Smoothie Happiness Recipe E-book. Some of the high performance smoothies in this book are:

  • Super Spinach Smoothie
  • Iron Stress Buster Shake
  • Pyridoxine Positivity Popper
  • Iron C Productivity Booster

And more wonderful, very easy to make recipes. These green smoothies are bursting with nutrients. It’s quick to do and is an easy way to get both full and be fueled with energy.

Green smoothies have for a long time been a natural part of the raw food movement, but now more and more people are getting their eyes on this wonderful way of giving your health a real boost.

Watch Jeffreys short video here to learn more about the best green smoothie ever

While the demands of modern living are steadily increasing, our food contains less and less nutrients. As a consequence, up to two thirds of the population in the western society suffers from a lack of nutrients.

Which first and foremost results in a weaker immune system and can later be a trigger of numerous diseases.

Fortunately, nature provides us with a food category that has a high nutrient density; green leaves. They contain virtually no fat and only a few carbohydrates, but a variety of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.

Green smoothies are an easy way to daily benefit from these green leaves. By mixing them with fresh fruits in a blender, we get a power drink that tastes very good and makes its content optimal for our bodies.

Through green smoothies we pick up all the nutrients we need to support us, without having to change our diet.Green smoothies are also ideal for a modern way of life.

The preparation is fast and can be customized to your liking and enjoyment sa well as suitable for a life on the go.


As a fresh snack, the green smoothie is a good alternative to useless fast food! The green smoothie adds a huge boost of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants, which in turn can have major effects on your health.
Many who have been trying to drink a green smoothie a day experience the fact that they automatically have begun to make more good choices in terms of diet.

When adding something instead of leaving out, it sort of automatically make you leave out the unhealthy stuff.

You can add green smoothies to your daily routine, to obtain nutrition and balance the gastric acid production.

A green smoothie is bursting with nutrients and it’s quick to do. Maybe you don’t want to have green smoothies every day forever, but it´s very effective to use periodically as a detox and boost.


We can actually eat sunlight, too, by eating green leaves. The green in the leaves is encapsulated chlorophyll and the great thing about chlorophyll is that it has the same structure as the hemoglobin in our blood, with an exception.
Hemoglobin is structured around iron; chlorophyll is structured around magnesium. Let’s fill our bodies with sunlight, from the inside out. The sun’s rays heat and nourish our bodies…

Green leaves contain only a few carbohydrates but a variety of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.

Introducing the green smoothie in everyday life adds a huge boost with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants; it will really have a major effect on your health.

There are many benefits of freshly mixed juices and smoothies. Today, many miss to chew the food properly, and it’s difficult for the body to absorb any nutrition from sloppy chewed foods – even if there are healthy salads or other items on the menu.

When you eat leafy vegetables in a salad, for example, it is difficult to absorb all the nutrients that are packed in the leafy vegetables, even if you try to chew properly.

The cellulose in the green leaves makes it difficult, or almost impossible, for us to absorb all the nutrition that the leaves contain.

When you mix a green smoothie, the mixer blows through the cellulose in them. You will therefore take up the maximum of nutrition and your smoothies will be a green, healthy kick.


As a base in drinks and smoothies, you can have nutritional leafy vegetables like baby spinach, kale or other green leafs. Also the greens from carrots and beetroot is great to use.

Ginger is great to add. It contains large amounts of antioxidants, more per gram than almost anything else you can imagine. It improves and stimulates digestion, increases circulation and is also anti inflammatory.

But how about the amount of calories in smoothies? Mixed drinks often get criticism that we get unnecessary calories from them, compared to if eaten the content of the drink in its original solid form.

But the thing is, we should not only look into to the energy amount of the content, and instead look for the large amount of nutrients we get.

When you drink green drinks with vegetables as the main ingredient, together with fruit, berries and herbs, nutrients are easily absorbed by your body, and you get a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

It would be difficult to eat as much vegetables with a knife and fork as you get when squeezing your own juices.

Watch this video with Jeffrey and learn how to mix the best green smoothie

Try this green smoothie!